De Luz Volunteer Fire Department
Wish List

Volunteer Fire Department is in desperate need of money to buy protective clothing for our 15 fire-fighters. Here's a sample of costs:
    one reconditioned fire helmet costs $45.
    one used Nomax fire retardant suit $30
     reconditioned boots $20
    Gloves, goggles, face mask $20
    Fuel, oil and maintenance for three vehicles about $100/month

Currently, we have gear for 8 crew members. We need your help to raise funds to keep all of the Volunteers safe.
If you can contribute, please send what you can to:
     De Luz VFD
     Ross Lake Station
     40020 Cathy Drive, Fallbrook Ca
Make contributions payable to:
    De Luz Volunteer Fire Department
We have Tax Exempt Status, and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your Gift. We also accept all CRV cans and bottles, Just drop them off behind the Trucks.