Our Department is funded by donations from our faithful sponsors and whatever grants for money or equipment we can successfully obtain.

Most county Volunteer Fire Departments receive funding through their CSA allocations from all property owner's real estate taxes. This is something we will NEVER do!

All of us, even our own fire fighters, pay enough taxes as it is. We operate our Department on a budget that is one tenth of one percent of our neighboring paid fire department. We don't have to pay salaries, pensions and other administrative costs, which account for 80-90% of a paid Department's budget. Our equipment is not state of the art, but it is still effective.

Your donations keep us going and growing. Donations are always tax deductible (Federal & State) due to our 501C3 status.

Our fund raising mail drive goes out twice a year, May and November, along with your copy of the De Luz Volunteer Fire Department newsletters. If you don't receive one, we probably do not have your mailing address.

Please send whatever you can and make the check payable to:

De Luz Volunteer Fire Department

Mail to:

De Luz VFD
Ross Lake Station
40020 Cathy Drive
Fallbrook, CA 92028

You will receive a receipt within a few days and your name will be added to our sponsor list.

Thank You,
De Luz Volunteer Fire Department