'Our mission; to improve fire suppression services to this rural
un-incorporated community by quickly and safely extinguishing
or containing all fires in De Luz in order to protect
life, property, and the environment.'


For many years our community had to endure the lack of fire protection to the point that it was frustrating for most of us. If a fire broke out, and our CDF station was closed for the season or else open, but sent to another "out of the area" fire, it would take an hour or more for Mutual Aid fire agencies to arrive. The only first responders were our neighbors racing to the scene with shovels, racks, and garden hoses. Many members of our Department, were those neighbors, wearing no protective gear, having no training, and having no fire equipment other than what they could grab in the garage on a minuteís notice. Yet, they stayed and fought each of these fires as if it was their own property. Neighbor helping neighbor thatís the spirit behind our volunteer fire department.
We will do our best at each fire we face. But you must remember we are NOT professionals. We donít get paid a dime. We put many hours each week learning and training on fire tactics, maintaining and repairing equipment and building a better Department.
We will probably loose some fires someday; however, we will make a strong effort to save what we can by using the equipment, personnel and training that we have.

Chief Mike Manchor