Folks still think we are using the fire wagon, or Engine 63, the green 63 ford pickup pictured below left with the fire wagon. The fire wagon was a 4X8 foot Home Depot utility trailer with a 50gal-water drum, old 3hp pump and 100feet of surplus fire hose.

From our humble begining

To come see how we've grown!
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Well we did use these for several years. The fire wagon was used at two large brush fires, followed by Engine 63 which saw action at 26 fires. These engines were operated and maintained by five untrained guys wearing swap meet military coveralls and using CB radios.

However, today we have 18 trained Fire Fighters, two EMT's, four First Responders, Five Fire Engines pictured above right, plus a sedan (Chief's car), Breathing Apparatus, $25,000 in County Radios, and a $40,300 grant approved to be used to build a Station.

We have a total water capacity of 3750 gallons that can be on scene with 18 fire fighters, normally within 25 minutes, in the De Luz area.

All engines are equipped with County VHF fire radios capable of communicating with CDF, North County Fire and Camp Pendleton Fire. We also carry an 800-megahertz radio. And, we carry six M.S.A. breathing apparatus for structure fire and rescue.

Special Thanks To;

San Diego Gas & Electric
San Diego Fire Foundation (Frank Ault)
San Pasqual Volunteer Fire Department
Sunshine Summit Volunteer Fire Department
Winchester/Ryan Field Volunteer Fire Department
Julian Volunteer Fire Department
County of San Diego, Office of Disaster Preparedness

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