Burning of brush, grove limbs, and other discarded agricultural vegetation may be disposed by burning on site only for agricultural reasons provided the following guidelines are met:

Before Burning:

  1. A Burn Permit is obtained and current. These are easy to get through Red Mt. CDF Station (Dec-May) and the De Luz CDF Station (Jun-Nov) between 8am-5pm.

    Burning without a permit is a misdemeanor offensive with a fine of $2,500 or more. You will appear before a Judge as several of our neighbors have already discovered.
  2. Burn piles MUST have water availability at the site, with hoses capable of reaching all sides of the pile.
  3. Piles should:

*Burn Permits run for two weeks and must be renewed after expiration.

On the day of the burning:
  1. After 8am, call the CDF Station number to see if it is a "Burn Day" as announced daily by the EPA. Give them your Permit number and location.
  2. Call North County Fire Dept. 723-2005 to announce that you will be burning. Give them your permit number and location.
  3. Call De Luz Vol. Fire Dept 728-3300. Give permit number and location.

    *You need to call all these numbers to assure no fire engine will mistakenly arrive "code-3" at your site.

Needed items:

How to Burn:

AG Burning is not hard, but you must be safety-minded at all time. If the fire gets away from you and catches nearby brush on fire, you may be held liable for damages and fire fighting costs. A Helo or fire bomber costs about $1,500 - $3,000 an hour in the air. In 1997, a neighbor was fined $23,000 for fire fighting costs, and there were no aircraft involved on this 7-acre fire. Play it Safe!!! Obey the Rules.

If you need advise on a burn pile, call our station and well come out and look at it for free.

We can even burn it for you with a fire engine and crew. Click here for pictures of AG Burn, then Ask Chief Manchor about the details.